¡Nomine a su compañero de trabajo hoy!

¿Ha visto a un compañero de trabajo demostrar uno de nuestros valores? Nomine a ese compañero de trabajo llenando nuestro formulario de reconocimiento de valores aquí. Nuestros primeros nominados serán reconocidos en las reuniones del Estado de la Organización: Roosevelt – 2 de diciembre a las 9 a.m. Eads – 2 de diciembre a las 10:30 a.m. BSC: 19… [Read More]

Nominate your coworker today!

Have you seen a coworker demonstrate one of our values? Nominate that coworker by filling out our values recognition form here. Our first nominees will be recognized at the State of the Organization meetings: Roosevelt – Dec. 2 @ 9 a.m. Eads – Dec. 2 @ 10:30 a.m. BSCs – Dec. 19 @ 9 a.m. (via Zoom) Reminder: If you… [Read More]

Marque sus Calendarios: Reunión del Estado de la Organización

¡Preprárense! El San Antonio Lighthouse tendrá reuniones sobre el estado de la organización para todos los empleados el próximo mes. Roosevelt: 2 de diciembre a las 9 a.m. Eads: 2 de diciembre a las 10:30 a.m. BSC: 19 de diciembre a las 9 a.m. (a través de Zoom) La directora ejecutiva Cindy Watson y el… [Read More]

Mark your Calendars: State of the Organization Meeting

Get ready! The San Antonio Lighthouse will be hosting State of the Organization meetings for all employees next month.   Roosevelt: Dec. 2 @ 9 a.m. Eads: Dec. 2 @ 10:30 a.m. BSCs: Dec. 19 @ 9 a.m. (via Zoom) CEO Cindy Watson and executive staff will provide an overview of their respective areas and updates on our strategic… [Read More]

Meet the Board: Gail Walden

Why do you serve on the San Antonio Lighthouse Board? I consider it an honor to serve on this Board. Mike Gilliam found out about me through Guide Dogs of Texas back in 2019 – just as I rolled off the Resource Committee following a stint as the Board Chair. What do you love the… [Read More]

Meet the Board: Elizabeth Kendell

Why do you serve on the San Antonio Lighthouse Board? With my professional experience in the realm of disability employment with the State of Texas Vocational Rehabilitation, H-E-B, and now thredUP, I have a passion and appreciation for the Lighthouse’s strategy to embed inclusion of people with visual differences into employment culture not only at the Lighthouse, but… [Read More]

Meet the Board: Judy Hooper

Why do you serve on the San Antonio Lighthouse Board? I serve the Lighthouse because I believe in our mission. I think about our mission of empowering those who have lost their sight every day.  I dream about cures. I work diligently to make the challenges the vision impaired face surmountable.  I want to stop… [Read More]

Meet the Board: Edward L. Johnson

Why do you serve on the San Antonio Lighthouse Board? I serve on the San Antonio Lighthouse Board because one of the biggest barriers to equity in education, healthcare, employment and recreation for people with disabilities and/or other disadvantages in life is access to dependable transportation. My sincere belief is there must be a bridge… [Read More]