Be Inspired! Blind Children’s Conference

We are presenting Be Inspired!, our first ever Blind Children’s Conference – Virtual Edition for parents and professionals!! We are planning for February 24th, 9:00am-12:00pm. We are planning for a short, sweet, uplifting conference! Register or Check it out HERE! Registration is available for Parents, Professionals, and Vendors.





John Bramblitt, Keynote, makes his living as a visual artist. His works have been sold in over twenty different countries, and he’s received three Presidential Service awards for the art workshops he teaches. He’s painted portraits of skateboarder Tony Hawk and blues legend Pops Carter. He’s given talks about his art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and there has even been a documentary made about him. And . . . he’s blind.

Barbara Goldman, Founder: TeamAbility, speaking about the unique needs of children with complex needs

Robert Dittman, Attorney at Law, speaking on growing up blind

Christi Fillhart, TVI, demonstrating cutting edge Braille and Tactile Graphic production & the SA Lighthouse Lending Library

Heather Withrow, parent and O&M who is deaf and whose child experiences deafblindness and attends Texas School for the Blind

Candice Richter, Assistive Technology Specialist/Speech Therapist, speaking on communication, language, and access for children with complex needs

Dr. Anne Corn, author: Finding Wheels: A Curriculum from Nondrivers with Visual Impairments for Gaining Control of Transportation Needs, will speak about the importance of independence of movement and travel

For more information please reach out to Cindy Miller my phone or email at (210)531-1435


9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Cindy Miller


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