Base Supply Centers

The San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind & Vision Impaired operates 15 Base Supply Centers (BSCs) on 11 military installations located in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. These stores are operated under the auspices of the Javits Wagner O’Day Act, known as AbilityOne, which began in 1938 as the Wagner O’Day Act and amended in 1971 to become the Javits Wagner O’Day (JWOD) Act. This act requires the federal government to procure products and services from non-profit agencies that employ blind or severely handicapped people.

The base supply centers were opened to operate under the JWOD Act and in compliance with “Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR).” What begun as one store is now providing a bright future for the AbilityOne Program.

The San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind & Vision Impaired sells products made by people who are blind, which strengthens the manufacturing jobs for the blind. In addition, the stores are operated by blind employees. The centers’ selection offers more than 40,000 items through the website and more than 60,000 at the locations. This service provides jobs for 120 blind individuals.

Get your AbilityOne Products at any of the following Base Supply Centers operated by the San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind & Vision Impaired.

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In the wake of realignment throughout the Services, many military installations found themselves without an on-site office and cleaning supply center. Seeing an opportunity to create retail jobs for people who are blind or have significant challenges, the AbilityOne Program stepped in. The BSCs quickly began assuming the legacy functions of the SSSCs, BSSs and Servmarts to ensure maximum mission support.

Each BSC is added to the Commission’s Procurement List as an AbilityOne “service” project, in accordance with 41 CFR Chapter 51, which ensures that the establishment of the BSC is suitable and will help accomplish the AbilityOne Program’s employment mission. While the Procurement List authorizes BSCs to operate on installations or in Federal buildings, the BSCs are vendors of choice, providing efficient and effective sourcing on base, reduced procurement workload, short notice contingency operations support, liberal return policies and enhanced security by minimizing the number of delivery vehicles entering the installation.

Authorized Distribution Source

BSCs are among the Commission-authorized distribution sources for AbilityOne products, and are authorized to sell commercial (non-AbilityOne) products, as well. A part of the value-added for customers is the one-stop shopping that is afforded to by the availability of appropriate supplies needed to perform and fulfill mission requirements. The competitive pricing for the items offered by the BSCs (prices are benchmarked and fall within GSA Schedule pricing) may facilitate compliance with FAR Subpart 13.202.