Mission Moment: Jesus Hernandez

When a friend told Jesus Hernandez about the San Antonio Lighthouse 33 years ago, he packed his bags and moved from Houston to San Antonio as fast as he could. He’s been working at the San Antonio Lighthouse ever since, but to him, it feels like it’s only been two months.

​Jesus was born with retinits pigmentosa and lost his sight 30 years ago, but that hasn’t stopped him from living a fulfilling life.

“The San Antonio Lighthouse makes me feel like I can see,” Jesus said. “I feel completely normal and supported by my leaders and teammates.”

​Prior to working at the San Antonio Lighthouse, Jesus was depressed and didn’t know what it was like to work.

“When I joined the Lighthouse, my life completely changed,” Jesus said. “I started in the assembly line making pencils, but I soon found my calling as a sewing machine operator. I am proud to work with a team of people who are making uniforms and gear for our U.S. military.”

Jesus knows more than 50 operations on a sewing machine and was the first blind person to operate a $75,000 machine. This year, he received the opportunity to serve in a leadership role training others.

On a personal level, the Lighthouse has brought him a lot of happiness.

“My daughter graduated from high school on May 28, 2022 and it is because of the Lighthouse that I have been able to support my family,” Jesus said. “I thank God, this great country and the San Antonio Lighthouse for that.”

Jesus Hernandez placing fabric on his sewing machine smiling and looking at the camera.