Programs/Services provides vocational and independent living rehabilitation programs to increase the independence of individuals who are blind or vision impaired, as well as those with other challenges. The Rehabilitation Center’s experienced staff has the capacity to provide a variety of training services to meet the needs of each individual, from basic life skills to advanced technical skills that will yield high level employment and full independence. Program services are provided to participants in a one-on-one or group setting and are coordinated based on the needs and interests of each individual.

Vision Rehabilitation Center

Low vision is a visual impairment that interferes with daily activities. Generally, this is vision loss that cannot be corrected by standard eyeglasses, contact lenses, medication or surgery. The Vision Rehabilitation Center at the San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind & Vision Impaired offers evaluations on low vision, distance, near magnification and driving devices. We also offer computer modification for visual impairment, orientation and mobility, and video electronic magnification services. The clinic is a partnership with UT Health Science Center.

To schedule an appointment or learn more; contact the Vision Rehabilitation Center at (210) 805-2500.

Education & Training

Through our Technology Evaluation and Training Program, people who are vision impaired are trained on the latest technology available, enabling them to participate in academic, employment and independent-living environments. Ongoing advancements in assistive technology such as screen readers provide speech output for computer access and closed circuit televisions (CCTV’s) that allow printed materials to be enlarged, creating opportunities for the vision impaired. These individuals are able to pursue careers and live independently. Learn More

Employment Support

The San Antonio Lighthouse offers a career guidance program providing assistance in many areas. The Lighthouse is also a Social Security Administration Ticket to Work Network, providing another outlet for career exploration and opportunity. Click the following link to visit our website: Ticket to Work Program

  • Exploring occupations
  • Seeing how your interests and skills fit into jobs
  • Learning about suitable job accommodations
  • Determining your aptitudes and skill levels
  • Developing a career plan

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Children’s Education

The  Children’s Education Program offers children the opportunity to learn in a creative, supportive environment. Our Children’s Center, located at 310 Eads Avenue, contains state-of-the-art equipment and toys that foster creativity and fun. It includes a library equipped with Large-Print and Braille books, the Bertie and Selig Frank Playroom, and our Technology Center containing computers, assistive technology and adaptive aids. Learn More

Adults and Seniors Program

The San Antonio Lighthouse Adults and Seniors Program is an important community resource that provides a wide range of services to assist this growing population. Since its creation, the Adults and Seniors Program has been growing steadily, and today the program serves more than 3500 individuals annually. The San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind & Vision Impaired offers adults and seniors who are experiencing various degrees of vision loss the opportunity to remain independent and active through six program services. These services are sponsored free of charge to qualifying seniors enrolled in the program. Learn More


A comprehensive list of local and national resources is available. Learn More