Blind Baby & Toddler Program

The Lighthouse supports babies and toddlers who are blind and at risk for visual impairment and their families by offering safe play for learning, education, community connections, and other supportive services.


  • Guided play targeted to enhance development in
  • blind and at risk babies & toddlers
  • Connections to local specialists and services
  • Coffee talks with topics of interest for parents
  • Counseling  
  • Parent-led support groups


  • Provide a safe and nurturing environment to support developmental play
  • Families will have trusted resources for medical, social, recreational, and educational needs
  • Families will experience an increase in social support
  • Parents will learn to be strong advocates for their child’s needs

Participants will receive take-home resources and have opportunities to participate in specialized workshops focused on the unique needs of blind and at risk babies and toddlers.

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