Blind Children’s Education Program

Blind Children’s Education Program

The Blind Children’s Education Program at the Lighthouse offers children the opportunity to learn in a creative, supportive environment. Our Blind Children’s Center, located at 310 Eads Avenue, contains state-of-the-art equipment and toys that foster creativity and fun. It includes a library equipped with Large-Print and Braille books, the Bertie and Selig Frank Playroom, and our Technology Center containing computers, assistive technology and adaptive aids.

Enrichment Programs

The goal of our Enrichment Programs is to supplement the child’s education by providing fun, engaging, and enriching activities. These activities focus on the Expanded Core Curriculum objectives of literacy, technology, physical fitness, social skills development, art and music.

For information about programs or services, contact Carrilee Adkins at (210) 533-5195 x1505.

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