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Little Lighthouse Learners Play Days

Parents and VI childen (ages 0 – 5) are invited to play with the various equipment in our play room.  TVIs, O&Ms, physical and occupational therapists are invited to join.  For information, contact Melissa Padron at (210) 533-5195.

School District Events

Events are available for individual districts.  Contact your child’s TVI for more information.

Parent Support Groups

Parent Support Groups are offered on a monthly basis and cover a variety of topics. The group seeks to provide peer support as well as community resources. Parent Support Groups are held at Luby’s Restaurant located at 911 N. Main Avenue from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. For dates and times and sign up please contact Melissa Padron at (210) 533-5195.

Low Vision Evaluations

In partnership with the University of Incarnate Word’s Rosenberg School of Optometry, the Low Vision Clinic is able to provide free Low Vision Evaluations for children enrolled in the Children’s Education Program.

For information, contact Priscilla Reyna at (210) 533-5195 x 1505.

Previous Events and Activities

iPad Camp for children ages 7-15. Our SALB Technology Trainers will be providing a four-day, introductory course on how to use an iPad and the newest Apps in Assistive Technology. Campers will also visit Bibliotech, San Antonio’s first digital library.

Birding by Ear for the Blind for children ages 5-18. The Children’s Education Program will visit Mitchell Lake Audubon Center to participate in the “Birding by Ear for the Blind” program. Be sure to bring a sack lunch and drink for a picnic after the program.

Nature Camp for children ages 5-18. Campers will take several excursions to local parks and natural areas and explore bugs and other creepy crawly things.

NFB Bell Braille Program for children ages 5-11. This program will provide children with one week of intensive Braille instruction through fun, hands-on learning activities.

Art Camp for children ages 5-18. Campers will explore different art mediums including clay, oils, chalk and watercolors. Other fun activities will include a field trip to the Children’s Museum.

Jewelry Camp  for children ages 6 – 18.  Campers will learn the art of jewelry construction by creating bracelets from a variety of beads and interesting elements.  Older children will learn how to create a lasso necklace in addition to the bracelets.

Robots Camp for children ages 8 – 15.   Campers will explore the world of robotics with Kathleen Gately and her robotics team.  A group project will teach children how to construct a Lego robot and the steps involved in programming it to complete a task.

Beeping Easter Egg Hunt – This fun annual event includes door prizes, bounce house, DJ, crafts, games, face painting, photos with the Easter bunny and of course a beeping Egg Hunt(by age group) for visually impaired children only.

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