Providing seniors with vision loss the skills, tools and resources needed for maintaining independence in their homes and the community.

More than half of all people who are blind or vision impaired are over the age of 50, and the seniors’ population is expected to double within the next 30 years. The San Antonio Lighthouse Seniors Program is an important community resource that provides a wide range of services to assist this growing population. Since its creation, the Seniors Program has been growing steadily, and today the program serves more than 3500 individuals annually.

The San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind & Vision Impaired offers seniors who are experiencing various degrees of vision loss the opportunity to remain independent and active through five program services. These program services are sponsored free of charge to qualifying seniors who are enrolled in the program.

The Five Program Services

  1. In-Home Independent Living Skills Training: Provides instruction to address such tasks as household management, cooking, personal finance and communication, utilizing adaptive aids when necessary.
  2. In-Home Orientation and Mobility (White Cane) Training: Includes a variety of safety techniques for personal travel, which can aid in fall prevention. A trained Orientation and Mobility instructor is provided to teach the proper use of the white cane.
  3. In-Home Counseling: Certified counselors help seniors deal with and adjustment issues related to vision loss and recommend positive methods to adapt.
  4. Low Vision Clinic Services: The Low Vision examination provides an eye evaluation to help visually impaired seniors maximize the use of their remaining vision.
  5. Low Vision Devices: The Program assists seniors with obtaining specialized low vision devices that are recommended by the Low Vision Doctor.

For information, contact our Program Admin at (210) 531-1547.

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