Events for Seniors

The Five Program Services

  1. In-Home Independent Living Skills Training: Provides instruction to address such tasks as household management, cooking, personal finance and communication, utilizing adaptive aids when necessary.
  2. In-Home Orientation and Mobility (White Cane) Training: Includes a variety of safety techniques for personal travel, which can aid in fall prevention. A trained Orientation and Mobility instructor is provided to teach the proper use of the white cane.
  3. In-Home Counseling: Certified counselors help seniors deal with and adjustment issues related to vision loss and recommend positive methods to adapt.
  4. Low Vision Clinic Services: The Low Vision examination provides an eye evaluation to help visually impaired seniors maximize the use of their remaining vision.
  5. Low Vision Devices: The Program assists seniors with obtaining specialized low vision devices that are recommended by the Low Vision Doctor.

For information, contact Michelle Gawlik at (210) 533-5195.

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