Sensory Studio

San Anotnio Lighthouse KitchenDescription: A simulated apartment that includes blind-accessible features and adaptive aids designed to accommodate an individual who is blind or vision impaired. Training areas model a kitchen, bedroom, living/dining area, laundry room and office.

Purpose: This simulated apartment is used as a demonstration area for public tours, and as a group training area for those who wish to receive independent living skills training in an environment similar to their homes.

San-Antonio Lighthouse ApartmentCommunity Awareness Information & Referrals

The Adults and Seniors Program educates the community, professionals, and senior facilities about blindness through group presentations and sensitivity training to help the general public understand the challenges and the services available to assist people who are blind or severely vision impaired.

Assessment for services and tours are by appointment only.

For information about the Adults and Seniors Program, or to schedule a tour and a hands-on demonstration of the Sensory Studio, contact the Adults and Seniors Program at (210) 531-1547